Help Wanted: Consultants for the Web Index

Global Integrity is launching collaboration with the World Wide Web Foundation to generate data for the 2013 Web Index (, a ranking of countries evaluating access, affordability, the institutional and policy environment, and social and economic utility of the web in 70-80 countries. To support the fieldwork, Global Integrity is looking for consultants who can dedicate a minimum of 20 hours per week from February to June 2013 to help with recruitment, training of researchers, fact checking, data quality control, and virtually managing teams of contributors in the target countries.

If you’re interested, please take a look at the full job description and expected skill set below, and send your CV to hazel.feigenblatt AT

— Hazel Feigenblatt

Global Integrity – Organizational Description

Global Integrity ( is an innovation lab that produces high-quality research and creates cutting-edge technology to advance the work of a global network of civic, public, and private reformers pursuing increased transparency and accountability in governments. In addition to our core team, we collaborate with a global network of more than 1,500 in-country contributors and partners who take our technologies, tools, and information to where they are most useful – the local level.

The World Wide Web Foundation ( seeks to establish the open Web as a global public good and a basic right, ensuring that everyone can access and use it freely. The Web Index is the world’s first multi-dimensional measure of the Web’s growth, utility and impact on people and nations. In its first year in 2012, it covered 61 developed and developing countries, incorporating indicators that assess the political, economic and social impact of the Web, as well as indicators of Web connectivity and infrastructure.

Job Description

The consultant will report to Global Integrity’s Washington, DC office and the responsibilities include:

·      Recruiting and virtually managing teams of researchers in 70-80 countries

·      Capacity building and training activities with the research teams

·      Performing detailed, intensive fact checking and quality control over the resultant data points (in the thousands)

·      Providing detailed feedback to researchers and guiding them to improve their research product with actionable advice and specific guidance

Location: Washington DC

Ideal Skill Set

For this particular position, we seek the following skills:

  • 3-10 years of relevant project management experience in journalism, in-depth editing, international affairs, and/or international politics. Ability to discuss issues of governance and/or technology is a strong asset though not required, depending on the candidate’s experience and particular set of skills.Excellent English; other languages desired.


  • Attention to detail, ability to perform on tight deadlines, and proven ability to communicate clear and concise feedback to researchers are a must.
  • Experience working and communicating with virtual teams is strongly preferred, particularly in an editing capacity.
  • Professionals that can leverage their own networks of international professionals towards this job’s recruiting requirements.
  • At least a graduate degree in a relevant area of study, including, but not limited to, journalism, public policy, international relations, comparative politics, or development studies.
  • Comfort in a perpetual start-up environment requiring extensive “self-starter” and “problem-solver” skills with minimal bureaucratic safety nets or backstopping.
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills.

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