As an innovator of technology and research, our success is not just measured in the success of our tools but in how those tools and information promote real change. Below are some recent examples of where Global Integrity’s work has led to impact.

The State Integrity Investigation, a flagship Local Integrity Initiative project, has led to institutional and legislative reform in dozens of states across the United States.

Our local-level work in Mexico with the Institute for Competitiveness in Mexico has led to similar transparency reforms, including municipal budgets being published online within days of our research going public.

Global Integrity country assessments play an important role in shaping the World Bank’s Country Policy and Institutional Assessments (CPIA) process. CPIA assessments are internal World Bank country reviews compiled on an annual basis for countries across multiple socio-economic dimensions. CPIA ratings significantly influence the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) loan allocations.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a U.S. government corporation that selects countries for economic growth and poverty reduction programs based on their commitment to good governance, has drawn heavily upon Global Integrity assessments and now relies on Global Integrity data as an official source of supplementary information for selecting countries eligible for MCC funding.