Global Integrity Report

The Global Integrity Report is an essential guide to anti-corruption institutions and mechanisms around the world, intended to help policymakers, advocates, journalists and citizens identify and anticipate the areas where corruption is more likely to occur within the public sector. The Report evaluates both anti-corruption legal frameworks and the practical implementation and enforcement of those frameworks, and takes a close look at whether citizen can effectively access and use anti-corruption safeguards.

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Africa Integrity Indicators

The Africa Integrity Indicators is an initiative of Global Integrity undertaken in collaboration with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation that assesses key social, economic, political and anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level.

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Money, Politics and Transparency

The Money, Politics and Transparency research was conducted on a set of “Campaign Finance Indicators” designed to assess the current state of political finance transparency and regulation in 54 countries. The MPT research was undertaken to provide fresh data for understanding the relative strengths and weaknesses in global practices around political finance regulation, transparency and enforcement.

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Local Integrity Initiatives

The Local Integrity Initiative is a collection of unique projects assessing anti-corruption and governance at the sub-national and sector levels. As an extension of our nationally-focused Global Integrity Report, these joint projects are carried out with local partner groups to be directly relevant to the diverse governance challenges found at the local level. They often involve follow-on outreach and advocacy.
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