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Global Integrity is looking for reporters and editors to work on two projects.

The first one is the State Integrity Investigation, a combination of research and reporting into state government ethics, transparency and accountability laws and their enforcement. The result will be stories and state-by-state rankings of government accountability mechanisms, complete with scorecards, grades and stories that demonstrate where states succeed and where they fail.

The second project is the Africa Integrity Indicators, which assesses key social, economic, political and anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level in all 54 African countries to generate original governance data on an annual basis. The indicators focus on transparency and accountability as well as human rights, gender, education, business environment and others.

  1. State Integrity Investigation

For this project, we are looking for reporters and/or editors based in Washington DC with full-time availability from November to June to perform the following duties:

– Virtually managing teams of in-state reporters and reviewers who will conduct the field research and reporting. This includes ensuring they deliver the information on deadline and within the quality standards defined for the project.

– Performing highly detailed, intensive quality control over the information delivered by the reporters and reviewers, including fact checking deliverables and editing as needed.

– Training the reporters and reviewers on Global Integrity’s indicator-based methodology and processes.

– Provide reporters and reviewers with detailed, clear feedback, guidance and instructions as needed.

– Perform general project management duties, including recruitment and contracting of reviewers, tracking payments, and deadline management.

Successful candidates will meet the following conditions:

-Experience in reporting on and/or editing information about state government ethics, transparency and accountability.

-Familiarity with subject areas such as: access to information; accountability mechanisms in the three branches of government, civil service, internal auditing, ethics agencies, state budget processes, procurement, lobbying disclosures, political financing and others.

– Ability to communicate instructions in a clear, concise way, building a working relationship with researchers quickly while holding them to account at the same time.

– Excellence in performing data quality control (Does the information provided fully justify the score chosen for an indicator? Is there missing information that should be considered before deciding the score? Etc.).

– Excellent writing, editing, and fact-checking skills.

– Extremely organized, not easily overwhelmed by projects with several pieces moving at any given point in time.

– Training skills and/or capacity building experience is a plus.

– Availability to work in our Washington DC office as needed, using their own laptop.

Applicants are encouraged to review the project’s website for a better understanding of the indicators. To apply, go here.


  1. Africa Integrity Indicators

For this project we are looking for experienced editors in English (UK) and in French with availability from November 2014 to March 2015 to edit the final version of the indicators. The work can be done part-time, preferably in Washington DC but not necessarily.

The editors will:

– Look at the information after it has already undergone several rounds of quality control, and are expected to do general editing (typos, grammar, formatting, etc.).

– Fact-checking is expected in exceptional cases when an indicator appears to be contradictory or is in some other way not ready for publication.

– Editors are the final filter before publication and are therefore responsible for avoiding the publication of any and all indicators that fail to meet any of our methodology’s quality standards (for example, not correctly sourced, outside the period of study, etc.).

To apply, go here.


Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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