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Looking to create your own chart or map? We recommend visiting the World Bank’s Actionable Governance Indicators (AGI) Data Portal, where you can use a variety of sophisticated interfaces to crunch some of our national-level (Global Integrity Report) numbers.

International Datasets

Money, Politics & Transparency – Campaign Finance Indicators
The complete dataset, findings methods and practices for the Money, Politics & Transparency report. See full report…

Report Data 2014 (XLS)(CSV)
Key Findings 2014 Brief (PDF)
Key Findings 2014 (PDF)
Methodology White Paper 2014 (PDF)

Sub-National and Sector Datasets

U.S. State Integrity Investigation. See full report…
2015 Data Site
2012 Data (XLS)
Methodology (PDF)

Philippines Local Government Assessments. See full report…
2011 Data (XLS)

Papua New Guinea Provincial Healthcare. See full report…
2011 Data (XLS)

Kenya City Integrity Report. See full report…
2011 Data (XLS)
Methodology (PDF)

Guatemala Justice Sector Assessment. See full report…
2010 Data (XLS)
Methodology (Spanish) (PDF)

Liberia Local Governance Toolkit. See full report…
2008 Data (XLS)
Methodology (PDF)

Sub-National Governance: Argentina, Ecuador, Peru. See full report…
Methodology (PDF)