Johannes Tonn
Johannes Tonn

Global Integrity champions open, accountable and effective governance around the world, taking action to inform, connect, and empower civic, private and public reformers seeking more open societies through our innovative research and direct support.

We collaborate with local stakeholders, helping to put adaptive learning — a structured, data-driven, problem-focused and iterative approach to learning by doing, which engages with local political realities while drawing on experiences from elsewhere — at the heart of their efforts to design and implement effective governance reforms.

This can help reformers close the gaps between policy commitments and implementation and contribute to better governance and development outcomes. Further, we seek to support and enhance the effectiveness of other key players in the governance arena by sharing more widely the insights generated from our innovative and exploratory work with local partners.

Our governance assessments provide detailed data and reporting on the mechanisms in place to prevent abuses of power and promote public integrity at the national, local, and sector levels. Using a blend of social science and journalism, in-country teams of independent researchers, academics and journalists report on the de jure as well as de facto reality of corruption and governance.

Measuring both the existing legal framework and the “in practice” implementation is key in our effort to produce actionable governance data that support governments, citizens and civil society understand and evaluate the status quo and identify intervention points for subsequent reform efforts.

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