Local Integrity Initiatives – Liberia Local Governance (2008) – data

Download the full data set for the 2008 Liberia Local Governance Toolkit

The Sub-National Integrity Indicators scorecards for Liberia assess the existence, effectiveness, and citizen access to key governance and anti-corruption mechanisms in each of Liberia’s 15 counties. Each county scorecard comprises more than 200 individual Integrity Indicators questions that are guided by consistent scoring criteria across all counties and supported by original document research and interviews with experts. The indicators explore issues such as the transparency of the local budget process, media freedom, asset disclosure requirements for political leaders, and conflicts of interest regulations at the county level.

Scorecards take into account both existing legal measures on the books as well as de facto realities of practical implementation in each county. They were scored by a lead in-country researcher and blindly reviewed by a panel of peer reviewers. The Integrity Indicators for the Liberia Local Governance Toolkit were jointly developed by Global Integrity and the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL). Released: September 2008.


Global Integrity
Global Integrity
September 1, 2008