Guillaume Mpoko

Operations Associate


Guillaume is GI’s Operations Associate, providing Open Gov Hub members with professional support services to meaningfully collaborate, learn, and innovate together. His role at GI, small as it is, helps OpenGov reformers effectively fulfill their missions and achieve greater collective social impact around the world.

Guillaume joined GI in 2021 as a Catalyst and was inspired by the unique model of Open Gov Hub that brings together OpenGov reformers to collaborate, help empower citizens, promote transparency and accountability, and open up governments. While his background is in rural development with extensive experiences in Agribusiness, he developed interest in OpenGov and promoting the value of transparency and accountability, particularly in his home country. During his spare time, Guillaume practices digital activism and peacebuilding by writing articles.

“Real integrity is doing the right thing, honoring your commitments with integrity.”

Joined GI:



M.S. in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University,


English, French, Lingala

Works in:

Washington, D.C.


Mbandaka, DRC



Fun Fact:

Soccer lover with the wildest dream of coaching one...