Guillaume Mpoko

Operations Associate


Guillaume is the Operations Associate at Global Integrity, supporting GI ops as well as the Open Gov Hub team. He previously served as the Community Catalyst at OGH.

Guillaume recently earned my M.S. in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from George Mason University, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Economics from the University of Kentucky. While he is new in the area of open government, with previous background is in agriculture economics and rural development. He has many years of professional experience working in the DRC, mostly in the rural area as an agribusiness consultant.
Guillaume decided to change his career after the cyclical effect of his country’s endless conflict in his work and in the life of a million Congolese people. Peace-building and conflict resolution is actually what he has embarked to specialize on, to become an agent of change and contribute to the process of rebuilding peace in his country, the DRC. He came across the concept of open government and Open Gov Hub, which truly has changed his perspective of what is compulsory as a prescription to the systems and patterns that have proved inadequate to assure DRC’s peace, justice, and democracy.

Since then, Guillaume has been learning and advocating for transparency, accountability, and civic participation in the DRC. With a few friends, he co-founded Open DRC, an organization committed to strengthening the Congolese Civil Society’s ecosystem under the principle of open government to advocate, influence, and enhance the process for the DRC’s joining the OGP. Now, he will be supporting the mission of Global Integrity and one of its key initiatives — the Open Gov Hub.

Joined GI:



M.S. in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University,


English, French, Lingala

Works in:

Washington, D.C.


Lingala, DRC