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Our Story

Established in 2005, Global Integrity began as an internationally-focused program of the Center for Public Integrity. With Nathaniel Heller, our first Executive Director, we quickly established a reputation for producing some of the richest and most reliable data about the nature and quality of governance systems around the world.

Our approach to assessing governance was novel in two ways. First, we sought to measure not only whether laws were in place, but also the extent to which they were actually implemented. Second, we relied on local researchers, whose expertise came from their lived experience and local knowledge of their contexts.

We gained a reputation for innovation in other ways too, exploring the value and limits of technological solutions to governance challenges, designing the first peer learning mechanism for the Open Government Partnership back in 2011, and establishing – along with Development Gateway – one of the first thematically-focused co-working spaces, the Open Gov Hub, in 2012.

Alan Hudson replaced Nathaniel as Executive Director in 2015, leading the development of a strategy, which has focused our efforts on exploring the value and limits of locally-led, learning-centered and adaptive approaches to addressing complex governance challenges. Amy Miller-Taylor came on board in 2023 as the new Executive Director to take Global Integrity on a new pathway towards radical collaboration.

Our Values

We believe that local leadership, learning, and action are essential elements in improving governance and solving complex social problems. Our values reflect this fundamental belief, guiding what we do and how we do it. We are:


We are laser-focused on helping our partners solve the complex problems they care about. Governance principles are important, but matter most when they inform effective action to address problems that citizens care about.


We recognize that we and our partners operate in complex, dynamic systems, and that we do not have all the answers. Local actors are the real experts in regard to the governance and development challenges they face and are, therefore, the focal point of all our work. We recognize our limitations and aim to learn from, and serve, our local partners.

Collaborative & Inclusive

We seek out and value diverse backgrounds, opinions, and perspectives when we collaborate with partners on particular projects and programs and in our own internal ways of working, including recruitment of board members and staff.


As a relatively small, agile organization, we develop, test, and share innovative methodologies that can shape practice and improve outcomes across the entire sector.


We communicate proactively, openly, and honestly about our challenges, successes, and lessons learned, and aim to listen more than we talk.

Connect With Us

We’d love to support your journey from problems to solutions. Get in touch – let’s discuss how we can help you meet your goals.