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integrity and anti-corruption

Integrity and

Practical evidence, real-time learning, and project implementation

Our work in this thematic area generates practical evidence about approaches to address corruption, deploys that evidence to inform policy discussions, and supports partners’ efforts to leverage real-time learning in the implementation of projects.

Integrity and Anti-Corruption Projects

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Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence (GI-ACE) Research Program

GI-ACE supports fifteen research projects worldwide to generate actionable and context-specific evidence intended to aid practitioners in designing and implementing more effective anti-corruption policies.


Africa Integrity Indicators

The Africa Integrity Indicators (AII) is a research project assessing key transparency, accountability, and social development indicators across all 54 African countries.


Building Bridges for Stronger Systems

Increase collaboration of civil society organizations in Serbia, Ghana, and Bosnia & Herzegovina based on their local priorities in fighting corruption in the health sector. Particularly looking into how to deepen their learning around procurement during emergencies and how to better address its challenges.


Fighting Kleptocracy in Central Africa

This is a first attempt to supplement and strengthen regional and global collaborations in the fight against kleptocracy by working with five grass-roots organizations from different countries in Africa.

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Open Data for Anti-Corruption in OGP

This work involves working with international organizations and country level reformers participating in OGP multistakeholder spaces, in Colombia, Chile, Ghana, and Kenya, to leverage the power of open data to address corruption-related challenges.

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