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Our Aim

Our aim is to ensure that public resources are used effectively, to deliver public services and meet people’s needs. We do this by supporting and encouraging the locally-led, learning-centered and adaptive approaches that we believe can support the emergence of solutions to complex public policy challenges. We do this in two ways. First, by providing tailored support to local partners which strengthens their capacity to take such approaches as they tackle specific challenges in their contexts. Second, by leveraging the evidence and insights generated through this work to encourage policymakers and funders to support such approaches.

Our Approach

Our approach is based on a hypothesis about how progress can be made in addressing complex challenges: If organizations working to address complex challenges work in learning-centered and adaptive ways; then their actions will enhance the relationships and processes that make systems more than the sum of their parts; which will then strengthen the capacity of systems and their constituent actors to innovate, learn and adapt their way to addressing complex political economy challenges relating to the use of public resources. Click here for more details on what we do and why we do it.

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The Global Integrity Themes

Explore our four themes that encompass all of our projects:

Theory of Change

At the heart of our strategy is a theory of change, which doubles down on exploring the value of locally-led, learning-centered and adaptive development. This commits us to explore more systematically whether and how such approaches can shift the power dynamics and incentives that drive behavior and shape patterns of governance (see the diagram below).

theory of change diagram

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