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Systemic challenges, adaptive solutions, collaborative action

Our work in this thematic area entails partnering with civil society organizations, mainly in Africa and Asia, that are trying to address complex and systemic challenges related to the delivery of public services – we support their efforts to work adaptively and strengthen the systems that they are a part of through collaborative action and learning.

Service Delivery Projects

school children

Education Out Loud: Addressing the Learning Crisis through Systems Strengthening

In close alliance with six partner organizations, this project aims to address inequitable learning outcomes through system strengthening across four countries in Southern Africa.


Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) Project Evaluations

Global Integrity has partnered with Global Partnership of Social Accountability (GPSA) for the implementation of an evaluation and learning process for four GPSA projects.


Using Participatory Approaches for Health Systems Strengthening

This project aims to support the efforts of our partner organizations to address health service delivery challenges by designing and testing a participatory system thinking approach.

young african work program

Young Africa Works Program

The overall goal of GI´s role is to generate and share evidence and insights that can improve project design and implementation by the foundation and country-level partners so as to achieve better results in terms of youth employment and poverty reduction.

Related Resources


Global Integrity’s feedback on USAID’s Draft Policy on Local Capacity Development (PDF)

Global Integrity works with government and civil society partners in countries and communities around the world, supporting their efforts to address complex challenges relating to corruption, the use of resources and the delivery of public services.

health pamphlet

Health Systems Strengthening Pamphlet

Why participatory approaches for health systems strengthening? In many countries around the world, people are not able to access the health services they need, which has dire implications for individuals, families, communities, and the ability of countries to meet their commitments to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being.


Using Participatory Approaches for Health Systems Strengthening: Process and Materials

The problem in many countries around the world, people are not able to access the health services they need, which contributes to disappointing health outcomes. In developing countries this often extends to basic and essential services.

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