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#LearningwithIntegrity: Reflections on Global Integrity’s closure

#LearningwithIntegrity: Reflections on Global Integrity’s closure    Initially, I planned to share hard-learned lessons related to Global Integrity’s closure so others could avoid similar mistakes. It was a very long list. I’ve since realized as a sector we are more adept at identifying weaknesses than imagining new possibilities. As Global Integrity navigated a financial crisis…

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Multi-level Advocacy and Civic Collaboration to Strengthen Health Systems in Africa

Multi-level Advocacy and Civic Collaboration to  Strengthen Health Systems in Africa Lessons from the COVID-19 Transparency Accountability Project (CTAP)  The COVID-19 emergency officially ended on May 11th, 2023. And with that, we must remember that the global public health emergency exposed political fault lines and eroded trust between people and governments due to instances of…

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GI-ACE Report Launch Event | Financial Secrets & Shell Companies: Evidence for Anti-Corruption Policies

How can we use data to understand how and where shell companies are used by individuals wishing to hide illicit wealth? EVENT DESCRIPTION Join us for the launch of our most recent research report on global shell companies and offshore financial secrecy from the Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence (GI-ACE) programme. The newly generated research uses…

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Integrity and Anti-Corruptionkleptocracy

Elevating Local Voices in the Fight against Kleptocracy

Interconnecting the various important efforts to combat kleptocracy – from research-generated evidence, to local civil society work, to the initiatives of international organizations and government actions such as sanctions – is critical so that strategies to tackle kleptocracy can effectively benefit people living in ordinary circumstances around the world. So what can be done to…

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