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OGP Networking Mechanism Update

(Editor's Note: This was first posted over at the Open Gov Blog.) As we quickly approach this week’s high-level event in Brasilia, we wanted to take a minute to update readers on the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Networking Mechanism (NM).  As some readers of this blog know, we at Global Integrity are managing the NM, a…

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Malawi’s Unexpected Opportunity

Until last week, the political and economic situation in Malawi seemed to be deteriorating and many credited the demise to late President Binguwa Mutharika, who passed on April 5th. Concern had been rising around his increasing wealth – his assets included a sultan-styled mansion, unofficially valued at US$1.8 million – and his repeated exercise of…

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What to Watch for in Brasilia 2012

(Editor's note: this was first posted over at the Open Gov Blog.) Sadly, I won’t be able to join the hundreds of friends and colleagues attending the Open Government Partnership’s high-level meeting later this month in Brasilia. My wife and I are expecting our second daughter on or around April 22nd, so unless someone is willing to…

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Exploring the Future of the Global Integrity Report

Last Friday we launched the Global Integrity Report: 2011. In generating this year’s report, we began thinking about ways in which we could take the research forward in a novel and inventive way. One option we began to discuss internally was to “open source” the Report by producing in-depth documentation and providing free public access…

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The World Bank’s New Position on Citizen-Generated Geo-Data

Two weeks ago, we were excited to read that the World Bank took a public position explicitly endorsing citizen mapping tools that keep control of citizen-generated geo-data in the hands of the folks that created it, not the organization providing the mapping tool used to generate the data. This statement was in direct response to…

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