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Google, the World Bank, and Public-Private Data Partnerships

[Editor's note: edited at 15:40 2-24-12 to correct a mistakenly posted earlier draft] On Wednesday, several organizations, including Global Integrity, met with the open data team at the World Bank to discuss open data trends as well as concerns over the recently-announced partnership between the World Bank and Google to promote Google's Map Maker platform…

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Hail and Farewell to Jonathan Eyler-Werve

Today marks the last day at Global Integrity for Jonathan Eyler-Werve. This is a bittersweet moment that I wanted to commemorate. As many readers of this blog know, Jonathan was employee #1 at Global Integrity and has played an instrumental role in the organization's growth during the past several years, particularly our embrace of technology…

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The Indaba 2012 Roadmap

This blog was originally posted on the website. In 2011, we validated our hypothesis about what Indaba can offer to a distributed team creating a scorecard, index, or similar data collection project. Our job for 2012 is scale. Big scale. We want more users, more speed, and more great projects coming out. To do this, we…

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Why Corruption Matters in U.S. States

This post was originally posted on the State Integrity Investigation Website (Correction 2/13/12 22:00: correct number of indicators updated) In late 2009 I was catching up at a Starbucks with Bill Buzenberg, the Executive Director at the Center for Public Integrity. I told Bill about some of the interesting research Global Integrity was doing at…

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