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Technology for Africa: Good Governance in a Wired World

Dakar, Senegal was host city to UNDP’s recent Africa Forum on Civil Society and Governance Assessments. It brought together researchers, development practitioners and technology experts from more than 30 countries to reflect on best practices in civil society and governance assessments and how to promote democratic governance through increased accountability and inclusive participation (buzzwords!). A…

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Cape Consultations: Updates on our Africa Fieldwork

Recently, Global Integrity’s Africa-based team (Marianne Camerer, Erica Penfold and Dadisai Taderera) hosted an expert roundtable and public seminar to consult on a new set of indicators that will eventually feed into the Ibrahim Index of African Governance. Both events took place at our new offices located in the elegant Armoury building in Woodstock, Cape…

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The Tech Jargon That Matters for Transparency NGOs

(This blog post was crossposted over at the Transparency and Accountability Technology Project.) Global Integrity focuses an increasingly significant amount of its time on technology-related initiatives – building, using, and supporting other organizations that are on the Indaba fieldwork platform is one obvious example. As we’ve continued to grow into a technology-focused organization (while certainly not abandoning…

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Tanzania: One Thousand and One Ways to Buy an Election

Tanzania has seen its fair share of corruption cases, but vote buying for the 2010 general election turned into a circus, with everything from candidates paying rivals to pull out of the race to soccer matches organized around offering money in exchange for votes. Tanzanian report Mike Mande tells the story in Vote Buying Mars…

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