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Notes from the Tarmac: All Gray in London

After a redeye from Chicago, your jetlagged correspondent spends an afternoon watching the news from a Heathrow lounge: Thais blitz an airport, and Mumbai grieves. In Thailand, a well-organized anti-government faction has stormed the Bangkok airport, taking the Thai tourism economy hostage. The BBC reports that 100,000 travelers are stranded. The BBC covers the impact…

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Notes from the Tarmac: A Blogger Goes to MENA

Your “award-winning” blogger reflects on blogging, awards and the Internet, while packing for a trip to the Middle East. As you learned in the previous post, your humble blogger is being flown to Paris to receive an award for journalism in defense of human rights, as practiced on this very blog. I am deeply honored…

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Our Blog Wins Human Rights Journalism Award

We are pleased to announce that this blog, The Global Integrity Commons, has won the Every Human Has Rights Media Award in recognition of journalism in defense of human rights. The award is offered by The Elders and Internews in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the UN Convention on Human Rights. The winning post,…

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Citing Rigged Election, US Cuts Off Nicaraguan Aid

After a Nov. 9 municipal election that left the Nicaraguan opposition howling with protest, the US government has shut down all pending aid money to the nation. The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), a US aid agency, says a US$175 million compact grant is at stake. The New York Times has (brief) coverage here: U.S. Withholds…

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Dissecting Liberia: Findings from a County-by-County Scorecard

The Liberia Local Governance Toolkit creates a detailed diagnostic of county-by-country anti-corruption practices in a country struggling to become secure and prosperous. Global Integrity worked with local researchers to dig into issues of transparency and accountability — this is what we found. The Liberia Local Governance Toolkit is a tool for understanding the strengths and…

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