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Dissecting Liberia: Findings from a County-by-County Scorecard

The Liberia Local Governance Toolkit creates a detailed diagnostic of county-by-country anti-corruption practices in a country struggling to become secure and prosperous. Global Integrity worked with local researchers to dig into issues of transparency and accountability — this is what we found. The Liberia Local Governance Toolkit is a tool for understanding the strengths and…

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Six African Projects Are “Pioneers of Prosperity”

Disclosure: Legatum is a funder of Global Integrity. Today international investment group Legatum announced the African recipients of its Pioneers of Prosperity Award. This award, given in coordination with the OTF Group and the S.E.VEN Fund “recognises and rewards business leaders in Africa who serve as role models to the continent’s aspiring entrepreneurs.” This year’s…

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New Iraqi Anti-Corruption Strategy: Fire the Watchdogs

The New York Times reports on the dismissals of many of Iraq’s Inspectors General, one of the few semi-functioning anti-corruption mechanisms in the country. While we can’t go into the details yet publicly, much of this tracks with our forthcoming Global Integrity assessment of Iraq that will be part of the Global Integrity Report: 2008.…

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Introducing the Liberia Local Governance Toolkit

Global Integrity, the Center for Accountability and Transparency in Liberia (CENTAL), and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) are proud to release the Liberia Local Governance Toolkit, which assesses the existence, effectiveness, and citizen access to key anti-corruption mechanisms at the county level in Liberia. Read the full report here.Read key findings here. The…

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Russia: Concentration of Power Likely to Increase

If there were ever an opportunity to witness a train wreck in slow-motion, Russia’s current trajectory towards increasing authoritarianism is a case study. The New York Times reports on current efforts to extend the Russian President’s term from four to six years. Meanwhile, the EU has resumed normal relations with Russia after suspending talks in…

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