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Talking Corruption in Rwanda

On May 24 and 25 2010, Global Integrity co-hosted a Dialogue workshop in Kigali, Rwanda in conjunction with the Rwanda Governance Advisory Council (RGAC), a quasi-governmental think tank and research center. This two-day workshop was part of the Global Integrity Dialogues series, in-country events where Global Integrity convenes local stakeholders (including government officials, civil society…

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“Transparency, accountability, and participation are all incredibly stupid and ridiculously ineffective ways to run a government – but we chose them because democracies put people’s rights ahead of convenience or practicality.” …says anthropologist Alex Golub in this post discussing Papua New Guinea’s environmental decision making process. — Jonathan Eyler-Werve

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Romania Cannibalizes its Anti-Corruption Institutions

We don’t want to say we told you so. But we did. For the past few years, we’ve been repeatedly asked (with many a raised eyebrow) why our data assessing national-level anti-corruption mechanisms in countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, and Romania were so strong…amongst the strongest globally, in fact. Our answer has been straightforward: the…

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Dragons in Africa: Lessons Learned from Sino-Kenyan Relations

After spending time abroad in Kenya, former Global Integrity intern, Jessica Mahoney became interested in the impact of Sino-African relations on governance in Africa. Jessica explored this topic in her recently finalized thesis at Williams College. Using Kenya as a case-study, Jessica’s analysis rejects the typical narrative that Chinese investment only props up Africa’s most…

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Kuwaiti Journalist Arrested (Again) as Media Freedom Fades

Kuwaiti journalist Mohammed Abdulqader al-Jassem is back in jail. The outspoken opposition lawyer and reporter was arrested Tuesday for the second time in six months. Al-Jassem has become a symbol of free speech in the midst of the Kuwaiti government’s increasing campaign to silence critical voices. Kuwait has been a rare bright spot in a…

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