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Kuwaiti Journalist Arrested (Again) as Media Freedom Fades

Kuwaiti journalist Mohammed Abdulqader al-Jassem is back in jail. The outspoken opposition lawyer and reporter was arrested Tuesday for the second time in six months. Al-Jassem has become a symbol of free speech in the midst of the Kuwaiti government’s increasing campaign to silence critical voices. Kuwait has been a rare bright spot in a…

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In Nepal, Even Accountability is Suspect

Over the past month, Nepalese journalist Narayan Manandhar has waged a lonely battle to call attention to irregularities in the procurement of consulting services by the Ministry of Local Development. The irony? The bid, which received applications from national and international consultants, was for a contract to implement the services of the Local Governance Accountability…

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After a Tragedy, Procurement Rules Remain Unchanged

After a newly purchased Tongan ferry was lost at sea, swift government action was promised, including a full investigation into how the ship was purchased. That investigation is complete, but the public has been left out of the process. The sinking claimed 74 lives. More than a month after submitting its findings to Parliament, Tonga’s…

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Global Integrity Report: 2010 Call for Experts

Is it that time of year again already? Apparently so. We’re looking for interested journalists, researchers, attorneys, civil society experts, and anyone with a background working on governance and corruption issues to collaborate with us on the Global Integrity Report: 2010. Interested experts should apply online by June 1, 2010. Full details after the break.…

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Investigative Journalism without Media Organizations or Publishers

Our colleague Hazel Feigenblatt, attending the Global Investigative Journalism Conference, reports on the challenges of investigative journalism in an era of declining traditional media. One of the big topics of interest here at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Geneva has been new models for financing investigative journalism around the world. Non-profit models, media loans,…

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