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Los Angeles drug police required to disclose assets

LOS ANGELES: Push back started quick on a requirement that L.A.P.D. drug and gang unit officers disclose their assets, with the police union promising to sue. The measure affects about 600 narcotics and anti-gang officers who handle confiscated drugs and cash. Los Angeles police have been under federal control since the 2000 Rampart scandal which…

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Singapore leads charge against UN contracting watchdog

NEW YORK: What does the General Assembly do when a UN panel discovers US$600 million in shady contracting? Kill the messenger, apparently. We are not shocked to learn that Singapore — not a nation known for being receptive to criticism — has led a push to disband the 18-member investigative panel after a Singapore official…

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Thailand election preview

BANGKOK: The IHT has the story on Thailand’s pending election, scheduled this Sunday. While it is certainly encouraging to see an election taking place, hold no illusions: deposed Prime Minister Thaksin’s party is still effectively banned in many parts of the country. Thailand has been controlled by a military junta since a September 2006 coup…

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