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TI releases Global Corruption Report 2008

Transparency International (TI) released their annual round up of corruption news and research today, the Global Corruption Report 2008, which includes a special focus on corruption in the water sector. The assessment explores how corruption prevails in different forms in the water sector, from bribery in water delivery to bid-rigging in irrigation and hydropower projects.…

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Want Good Credit? Watch Where You Shop

Where you shop and what you buy may impact your access to credit — and that’s not a good thing for democracy. Last week, reported on a lawsuit filed against CompuCredit, a credit card issuer, for failing to disclose that it uses the buying patterns of card users to evaluate how much credit to…

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Zimbabwe: Opposition Quits Election

The latest chapter in a sad story: after weeks of intimidation and violence by supporters of Robert Mugabe, the opposition is calling it quits. Morgan Tsvangirai has pulled out of the impending presidential election, which he calls a “violent, illegitimate sham.” All Africa: MDC’s official statement All Africa: SADC calls for election to be postponed…

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Jordan: Call Your Wasta

Global Integrity’s Suha Ma’ayeh breaks down the history of the mobile communications market in Jordan — and the rich opportunities that were created by privatizing a national telecom with limited public oversight. Call Your Wasta By Suha Philip Ma’ayeh In 2005 Umniah Mobile Communications (UMC) entered the Jordan’s booming telecommunications sector. It became the country’s…

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$23 Billion Lost in Iraq. Give or Take a Billion.

The BBC puts a number on corruption in the new Iraq: US$23 billion lost, stolen or missing. As the BBC points out, the total cost of this theft and systemic mismanagement is much higher than the total of dollars leaked away — because much of this money was intended for essential projects, like rebuilding the…

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