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Nigeria: Ruling Party Wants a Term Limit

The Nigerian ruling party has called for one-term limits on the president and governors, in a effort they say will limit election-year strife in a country that has seen plenty of it. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), the same political party that controls the Nigerian presidency as and a majority of seats in the legislature,has…

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Guinea: Oil Wealth Draws Mercenaries & Misery

The BBC reports on 64 British mercenaries who allegedly plotted to overthrow the oil-rich government of dirt-poor Guinea. “In 2004 [Guinea] had the world’s fastest-growing economy. It might not be reflected in the life of the average citizen — but it was enough to attract the attention of people with plans for a coup,” the…

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“Publish What You Pay” Goes to Washington

Oil companies: Against corruption, for transparency. At least, that was the testimony as the U.S. Congress debated a bill that would require oil, gas & mining companies to disclose their dealings with foreign governments. I went to the hearing at the House Financial Services Committee related to the new Bill, H.R. 6066, requiring private oil,…

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Corruption in the Water Sector

Global Integrity’s Stephen Roblin went to the public release of the Transparency International’s most recent publication, Global Corruption Report 2008: Corruption in the Water Sector. There was a panel composed of 5 people, two WB representatives, a representative from the Inter American Development Bank, a Swiss economist, and someone from a hydroelectric company in France.…

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TI releases Global Corruption Report 2008

Transparency International (TI) released their annual round up of corruption news and research today, the Global Corruption Report 2008, which includes a special focus on corruption in the water sector. The assessment explores how corruption prevails in different forms in the water sector, from bribery in water delivery to bid-rigging in irrigation and hydropower projects.…

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Want Good Credit? Watch Where You Shop

Where you shop and what you buy may impact your access to credit — and that’s not a good thing for democracy. Last week, reported on a lawsuit filed against CompuCredit, a credit card issuer, for failing to disclose that it uses the buying patterns of card users to evaluate how much credit to…

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