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Making records open does not always make them useful

Originally published on GI-ACE  On 12 May 2016, Prime Minister David Cameron hosted a ‘landmark’ international anti-corruption summit in London at which invited countries made pledges about future anti-corruption efforts. Nigeria made many such commitments, including eight on increasing the transparency of beneficial ownership (BO).  Of these, perhaps the most publicised was its commitment to establishing a…

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La 8e édition des Indicateurs d’intégrité en Afrique publiée

Après neuf mois de recherche, nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous la plus récente mouture des indicateurs d’intégrité en Afrique (AII). Ces données couvrent une période de recherche entre septembre 2018 et septembre 2019. Puisqu’elles sont pour le moment sous une forme provisionnelle, nous apprécierions recevoir vos commentaires pour améliorer la qualité des données…

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What we have learnt from the UK’s unexplained Wealth Order legal cases

Originally published on GI-ACE Many research projects have fallen foul of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, while others have been adapted, with video conferencing replacing face-to-face meetings. Luckily for our project – examining the ‘enablers’ of money laundering in banking and real-estate transactions – a large part of it involves desk-based research. The focus for us…

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GI-ACEIntegrity and Anti-Corruption

The flipside of corruption: State comparisons in India using public service delivery measures

Originally published on GI-ACE Understanding where corruption is high and why is a difficult task mainly because of the difficulties in measuring corruption. Given the well-documented problems with perceptions of corruption, recent literature has focused on objective measures of corruption. Focusing on the delivery of public services, a reliable measure could be the irregularities detected…

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