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Ghana: Need For Power in Ghana Turns ‘Victims into Villains’

The state company Electricity of Ghana (ECG)’s then-Managing Director Cephas Gakpo announced in April 2010 that US$430 million would be dedicated to improving electricity distribution within the next six to 18 months. But by the end of 2011, lack of solutions to deal with illegal connections and frequent unannounced power outages continued, culminating in the…

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Indaba Mid-2012 Update: Hard at Work!

It's been a while since we've posted an update on where we are with building out and deploying Indaba, for which we apologize. We've been buried deep in designing and building new features and let our regular updates get away from us. To rectify that, here's a quick update on some major highlights and developments.…

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The Future of the Global Integrity Report

Back in April, we launched a public discussion about the future of the Global Integrity Report with a debate around ways we might “open source” the Report to include more voices in the process of generating our national-level anti-corruption and accountability assessments. That event kick-started an internal review process that while far from complete, has…

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Meet Hannah Varnell

The dog days of summer are here at Global Integrity, and we’re happy our intern Hannah Varnell is braving the DC humidity with us. She joins us this summer from Stanford, California, although she originally hails from Virginia. By far the most athletic person in the office, Hannah runs Track and Cross Country for Stanford and…

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India: Architects of an Evil Design

Picturesque Pahalgam, a hill resort community in the India-administered Kashmir Valley, is known for its natural beauty and annual summer Hindu pilgrimage. Given the area’s appeal to tourists, it comes as no surprise that developers are anxious to build. But instead of balancing the interests of residents and developers, a 2005-2025 master plan for Pahalgam’s…

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