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A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption

A new book by Global Integrity and the UNDP examines the state of the art of corruption measurement. Based largely on interviews with governance data’s end-users, A Users’ Guide challenges some long held assumptions about what a good corruption metric looks like. A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption is available for purchase (at cost) or…

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Egypt: Anti-Corruption Conference Muzzled

A phone call from a shadowy bureaucracy shuts down an anti-corruption conference moments before it begins — an example of the routine harassment directed at reformers worldwide. The Anonymous Sovereign BodyBy Mohamed Abdel Aziz On the night of August 27th 2008, and few hours before the convening of the Final Evaluation Conference on the project…

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Georgia’s Lessons for the Next U.S. President

With a neo-Cold War standoff brewing, it’s a shame the caricatures of Georgia’s government have little to do with the facts. In truth, Georgia’s young democracy is more flawed than its boosters would have you believe. Georgia’s Lessons for the Next U.S. PresidentOp-Ed by Nathaniel Heller & Global Integrity While plenty of justified handwringing is…

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Thai Democracy: Unclear on the Concept

Anti-government protesters threaten to shut down Thai utilities and transportation in an effort to head off the ruling party’s electoral success. As tensions escalate, irony looms large. NY Times: Despite its name, the People’s Alliance for Democracy, leading the anti-government protests, is explicitly calling for a less democratic structure. “We used to chant the mantra…

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USA: Free Press, Except in Election Years

An ABC News producer is arrested on a Denver sidewalk while waiting to photograph a meeting of Democratic senators and VIP donors at a posh hotel. While ABC has run an online story about this, it’s not on the homepage, despite all the markers of a made-for-the-medium hit: righteous journalists, cynical politics, and of…

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Georgia: Civilians Become Fugitives of War

Global Integrity’s Olgha Tsiskarishvili–Soselia reports from Georgia on the fate of civilians who have fled the advancing Russian invasion. Her interviews provide unfiltered, front-line accounts of the cruelty and disruption of war. Fugitives of War By Olgha Tsiskarishvili–Soselia Eight-year-old Aleqsandre tried to make catapult. He tried to protect his mother and her friends, from aircrafts…

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