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U.S., Europe Get Tough on Overseas Bribery

Better cooperation between countries is fueling a surge in prosecutions for corruption conducted overseas. Laws banning corruption overseas have been around in the West for a couple decades (the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act passed in 1977). Currently, a ban on bribing governments overseas is a solid international norm — the Global Integrity Report has…

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More Global Integrity Reporters in Norway

Even though everyone couldn’t make it for this photo, here’s several Global Integrity journalists who attended the 2008 Global Investigative Journalism Conference. Represented are Nigeria, Bangladesh, Romania, and Bulgaria among other countries. — Nathaniel Heller

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Talking Investigative Journalism in Norway

Greetings from the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer, Norway. One of the best aspects of this annual conference is the chance to meet so many Global Integrity experts in person. I’ll try to share some highlights during the next 48 hours, but for now wanted to post a picture of some of our colleagues…

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The Plan to Save Pakistan

The BBC reports on the unlikely rise of Asif Zardari, once the “most mistrusted politician” in Pakistan. BBC: The victory of Asif Zardari, husband of assassinated former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, in Pakistan’s presidential election represents an extraordinary turnaround for the most mistrusted politician in the country. BBC: The ‘master plan’ to save Pakistan –Jonathan…

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A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption

A new book by Global Integrity and the UNDP examines the state of the art of corruption measurement. Based largely on interviews with governance data’s end-users, A Users’ Guide challenges some long held assumptions about what a good corruption metric looks like. A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption is available for purchase (at cost) or…

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Egypt: Anti-Corruption Conference Muzzled

A phone call from a shadowy bureaucracy shuts down an anti-corruption conference moments before it begins — an example of the routine harassment directed at reformers worldwide. The Anonymous Sovereign BodyBy Mohamed Abdel Aziz On the night of August 27th 2008, and few hours before the convening of the Final Evaluation Conference on the project…

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