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Doing Business Blog Scrubs Corruption/Oil Post

Our post below references (rather critically) a Doing Business Blog post on Sunday, Feb. 8th entitled “Russia: Corruption Prevention during Financial Crisis”. While references to the post still show up in the blog’s search catalog, it’s no longer on the site. Draw your own conclusions. Thanks to the creepy magic of Google cache, here’s the…

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Junk Corruption/Oil Theory Gains More Fans

Now the folks at Doing Business are perpetuating the flimsy theory that that Russian bribes and the price of oil might move in tandem. See our rant from last week on this, which unpacks why the underlying data is so shaky. Grr….this is especially annoying coming from the IFC, whose Doing Business survey is among…

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Hey Experts: Stop Abusing the Corruption Perceptions Index!

Admittedly, I am not a fan of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) (and similar perceptions-based indices), the limitations of which are discussed at length in our book, A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption. I was going to rant about a very public abuse of the CPI last week, then got distracted by actual work……

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