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Global Integrity Report: 2009 – Country List

The fieldwork for the Global Integrity Report: 2009 is underway, and we’re happy to announce our target countries for the upcoming year. The big news this year is that we are splitting our 70 target countries into two groups, which we will alternate on even and odd years in a two-year rotation. You can see…

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Introducing Indaba: RFP for New Research Technology

UPDATE: See the Indaba project website at Global Integrity is seeking bids for the design and build of Indaba, a new browser-based research platform. Indaba will be the Global Integrity’s third generation of research software allowing rapid, flexible collaboration on research and reporting. A bit about Global Integrity and technology… Global Integrity works in…

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USA: New Data on Statehouse Financial Disclosures

The Center for Public Integrity updates its decade long series on US statehouse legislative disclosures. The data is published in a new report States of Disclosure. Twenty of fifty states get failing grades for their financial disclosures, and three US states — Idaho, Michigan, Vermont — require no financial disclosures whatsoever. They’ve got a nice…

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Iran’s Internet Snooping is Made in America

In the days following Iran’s contested presidential Iran’s Internet speed slowed to a tenth of its normal speed. What’s causing the slow-down? Western-developed technology that allows the Iranian government to analyze networks of information: who is transmitting, what exactly they are saying, and who is consuming it. While Iran grabs headlines, the US Congress is…

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USA: Supreme Court Maintains 1964 Election Safeguards

The United States Supreme Court ruled today to side-step the challenge of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1964. To recap a March post to the Commons, Section 5 limits the autonomy of voting districts (mainly across the South) with histories of discriminatory policies to curtail the African-American vote. According to today’s ruling,…

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