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So What the Heck Does Global Integrity Do?

In the past few months, as we've rolled out some brand new initiatives like TESTING 1 2 3: The Global Integrity Innovation Fund and also pulled back the scope of some traditional projects like the Global Integrity Report, I've been getting questions from a range of friends and colleagues that go something like this: "So,…

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Defense Companies Becoming More Transparent

Have you ever wondered how defense companies fare in terms of internal anti-corruption practices? Transparency International – UK’s (TI-UK) Defence Team has completed a brand new index: The Defence Company Index, which provides an analysis of what the 129 biggest defense companies around the world do to prevent corruption. The study measures and grades defense…

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Global Integrity Heads to Ukraine

Global Integrity and The Anti-Corruption Council of Ukraine will hold a workshop for Ukrainian government officials and civil society on November 13 in Kiev. The workshop is based on the Global Integrity Report’s findings for Ukraine, released earlier this year.  Global Integrity Report provides an independent assessment of the effectiveness of anti-corruption reforms at the…

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Corruption Perception: Experts vs. The Wisdom of the Crowd

Transparency International famously publishes a Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) every year, which ranks countries by perceived corruption levels, gleaned from an amalgamation of ‘expert’ surveys and country assessments produced by around a dozen institutions (e.g., the Bertelsmann Foundation; the Economist Intelligence Unit; Freedom House; Political Risk Services International; the World Economic Forum’s “Executive Opinion Surveys”).…

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