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RWI Releases Resource Governance Index, Compiled Using Indaba

Our colleagues at Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) are launching their Resource Governance Index, which measures transparency and accountability in the oil, gas and mining sector of 58 countries.   The report highlights the imperative of governments around the world to ensure more accountable and open natural resources sectors. These shifts could impact up to 1 billion people.…

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How Far Can Open Government Really Go Under an Obama White House?

If you haven't already read the news about the Justice Department snooping on the Associated Press' newsroom in an attempt to ferret out government leakers, prepare to be nauseated. This comes just days after the White House trumpeted a widely-applauded open data policy that seeks to proactively liberate vast amounts of data in an attempt…

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Meet Melissa Cawthra, New Project Manager At Our Cape Town Office

Melissa Cawtrha has joined Global Integrity as Project Manager out of our Cape Town office. A native of Durban, South Africa, Cawthra will be working on our Africa Integrity Indicators effort, a collaboration between Global Integrity and the Mo Ibrahim Foundation to strengthen the Ibrahim Index of African Governance. She holds honor degrees in French…

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AidData Launches Online Tool to Track Chinese Aid in Africa

A comprehensive tool that tracks Chinese development finance was released April 29th by AidData, a partnership between Brigham Young University, the College of William and Mary, and fellow OpenGov Hub tenant, Development Gateway. Released at the Center for Global Development, the online database platform tracks development finance flows to the continent from 2000-2011. Check a…

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Indaba 3.0 to Enhance Global Integrity’s Partnerships

At Global Integrity, we rely on our strong relationships with organizations, consultants, journalists and researchers around the world to facilitate all of our work, from our longstanding Global Integrity Report to our Local Integrity Projects. For growing the usage of our Indaba platform, which serves as the cornerstone for how we collect and manage our research processes, these…

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