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Global Integrity to Join the Ibrahim Index (IIAG) Advisory Council

Hazel Feigenblatt, Global Integrity’s Managing Director (pictured above), has been invited to become an observer of the Ibrahim Index (IIAG) Advisory Council, a body of eminent academic and professional experts in the field of governance that discusses ways to improve the Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG). Global Integrity just completed the first round of…

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Meet our Intern: Feihu Li

For Feihu Li, his time at Global Integrity has been one of discovery. “I find Global Integrity’s work compelling,” Li, 35, said. “I have learned many things about transparency and accountability that I hope to bring to China.” An accomplished news editor at the Beijing headquarters of Chinese news agency Xinhua, Li is in the…

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Is There a Case Against Citizen Feedback Loops?

Last week, I had a chance to attend the three-year stocktaking retreat for the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, an important donor collaborative comprising several leading foundations and non-governmental organizations active at the international level in promoting government transparency and accountability. During one of the discussions focused on the community's challenges around learning and evidence-based strategy,…

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Why You Should Care About Data and Information Formats

As noted by Nathaniel Heller in his blog post, “Why Non-Profits Don't Need to Learn to Code,” everyone does not need to learn to code, but I would argue that those who use technology (and these days that’s about everyone), should understand a few root concepts that are the underlying structure of creating files and…

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Egypt: Positive image, bright future

What’s the image of our country? This was just one among the many questions posed by participants at the “Solution in Institutions: Combating Corruption between the State and the Society” conference, held in Cairo, Egypt on Feb. 27 and organized by Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), working in partnership with the Federation of Economic…

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