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Wikileaks Responds to Bank Julius Baer

Wikileaks responds to Bank Julius Baer, which has sued Wikileaks and successfully requested that their website be blocked. According to a Wikileaks press release, Baer filed papers for an IPO a mere three days before obtaining the censorship order. Wikileaks points out that the ongoing PR disaster for Baer was not well timed. The…

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Analysis of Orders Against Wikileaks

Judge Jeffery S. White, the judge who ordered scrubbed from the Web has begun backpedaling, saying that the site can stay up, as long as it doesn’t post any documents (Amended order: pdf download). Meanwhile, the Law Librarian Blog and (a blog independent* of have analysis of the judge’s rulings. I am…

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Internet Censorship: A Comparative Study

Using data from the Global Integrity Index, we put a U.S. court’s recent order to block access to anti-corruption site into context. In summary: The shutdown is unheard of in the West, and has only been seen in a handful of the most repressive regimes. Good thing it doesn’t work very well. Starting…

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U.S. Court Order Shuts Down

Incredibly,, an organization devoted to exposing corruption, has been muzzled by a U.S. court order (pdf download). Rather than attack a specific finding or document, the court has ordered their DNS registrar to essentially erase the organization’s website from the Web. While is down, their site can be found via IP addess:,…

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Canada: Cash for Access, And Not Subtle About It

Liberal Party of Canada officials have literally auctioned access to members of Parliament. This from Democracy Watch’s Duff Conacher (a Global Integrity contributor), who notes that a “huge loophole still exists in the Canada Elections Act that allows secret, unlimited donations to nomination race and party leadership candidates, if they don’t use what is donated…

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Timor Leste: Tears and Uncertainty

The International Herald Tribune has a recap of a traumatic week in Timor Leste, following the shooting of President José Ramos-Horta and death of rebel leader Alfredo Reinado, who was buried today. IHT reports that emergency rule has been extended another ten days. For background on Timor Leste’s political history, see our corruption timeline, part…

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