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Making All Voices Count: A Slam Dunk?

Yesterday, I had the chance to attend the public launch of a new government transparency and accountability funding mechanism – Making All Voices Count. Held at USAID headquarters, the discussion featured a veritable who’s who of open government and transparency practitioners in the Washington area; probably 250 people were packed into the room. (Announcing a…

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Good News from Croatia — The Case of Ivo Sanader

Last week’s sentence of former Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader (2003-2009) shows progress in the Croatian judiciary. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for taking bribes from two foreign companies. As the first jail sentence for corruption of a head of state or government in that part of the world, the case could potentially…

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UNDP Implements IATI Commitment with

The UNDP launched an open data browser ( today, implementing its voluntary commitment to IATI, an initiative to make aid information easier to access, understand and use. Through mapping and visualizing $5.8+ billion in funding data across 6,000+ projects in 177 countries, users can search by any funding cataloger, country, and donor or recipient to…

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Pakistan’s Move Against Maps…and Openness

This week, the Pakistani Ministry of Defense began a process of proposing new legislation for the country that would prohibit private mapping activities — the creation of non-governmental maps for personal, commercial, or humanitarian purposes — without prior registration with and consent from the Pakistani military (specifically, the Survey of Pakistan, a military mapping agency).…

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Improving the Big Conference

In recent months I've done something that I swore years ago I would avoid: I’ve attended multiple large-scale conferences. I gave up on Big Conferences in the early 2000s after wasting so much time, energy, and money attending them that I began to really question their value and return on investment. Being thrust recently back…

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