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Tanzania: One Thousand and One Ways to Buy an Election

Tanzania has seen its fair share of corruption cases, but vote buying for the 2010 general election turned into a circus, with everything from candidates paying rivals to pull out of the race to soccer matches organized around offering money in exchange for votes. Tanzanian report Mike Mande tells the story in Vote Buying Mars…

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Wanted: Reviewers of Corruption Risks in the US States

Interested in helping some of the United States’ leading investigative journalists review corruption risk data across the fifty states? Have experience working with state governments in the US and want to get paid for that work? Then we have a job for you! The State Integrity Investigation – a three-way collaboration between Global Integrity, the…

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Kyrgyzstan: Implementing Accountable Governance

Since April 2010, President Roza Otunbaeva and the transitional government of Kyrgyzstan have been working hard to reform the Kyrgyz political system. With a myriad of challenges ahead of them, including corruption, a new parliamentary system of government is expected to role over to a new president by the end of October 2011. However, before…

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“Going on Mission,” Per Diem, and Other Cardinal Sins

Last night I Tweeted that describing work-related travel as “going on mission…was lame. Just lame.” This quip engendered some interesting responses out in the Twitterverse, by which I mean that people who are much smarter than me with many more Twitter followers (Todd Moss, Chris Blattman) retweeted it. Naturally, and because I needed another excuse…

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Moneyball and the Art of Transparency and Accountability

On a quick three-day work trip to Prague this week (to help run a Global Integrity Dialogue workshop with the Czech Ministry of Interior and US Embassy), I finally had a chance to read Michael Lewis’ classic Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. Moneyball tells the story of how the Oakland Athletics baseball…

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