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Freedom in the World 2010

Whether the global snapshot provided in Freedom House’s annual Freedom in the World assessment characterizes the 2010 results as a “declining trend” or a “stagnation” in global democracy, the report’s outlook is certainly bleak. Good news was hard to find in Freedom of the World 2010. Arch Puddington, Freedom House’s director of research, spoke Tuesday…

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Global Integrity Report Featured on Egyptian TV

Khaled Badawy, a member of the Global Integrity research staff in Egypt, highlighted the results of our latest Egypt assessment during a governance debate on an Egyptian satellite television station. (For non-Arabic speakers: in the clip above Khaled is the young man with glasses.) Khaled is a governance and service-delivery expert who works with the…

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New Survey “Gets in the Minds” of Indian Entrepreneurial Class

Disclosure: Legatum is a funder of Global Integrity The Legatum Institute’s latest survey dives into India’s expanding field of start-up businesses, asking Indian entrepreneurs where their motivation comes from and what the top hindrances are to business creation. The results show a group of enthusiastic and creative individuals who attribute their success more to their…

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