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The New York Times and Squishy Theories of Corruption

Two articles from the December 23 New York Times merit a bit of unpacking. The articles — one on Ghana’s upcoming elections, the other on the rise of Islamic movements in Jordan — tout two widely-held but rarely proven theories of corruption: that corruption inhibits growth, and that corruption is a motivator for radical, Islamic…

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Billionaires Use British Libel Laws to Pound at Media

Whistle-blowing website Wikileaks has made it their trade to host content censored online. While this brings to mind China or Myanmar, their most challenging threats have come from the West — in this case, they’ve posted a series of stories quietly scrubbed from the archives of British papers by a hyperactive British libel law. The…

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The Madoff Effect Hits Non-Profits

The Madoff Ponzi scheme fraud (covered here and here) is already claiming victims, including the JEHT Foundation in New York. While not overly active in anti-corruption funding per se, JEHT was part of a family of like-minded, progressive foundations that operated in this space. Scary stuff. Here is the text of JEHT President Bob Crane’s…

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