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Africa Integrity IndicatorsIntegrity and Anti-Corruption

Call for Contributors in Africa / Appel à Contributeurs en Afrique

  By Global Integrity, July 29, 2016 Version française ci-dessous. Global Integrity is beginning its fifth round of research of the Africa Integrity Indicators (AII), an annual project undertaken in partnership with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. The project assesses key social, economic, political and anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level in all African countries. Employing…

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Money Politics TransparencyPolitical FInanceState Integrity

The good, the bad and the… rest

Tracking state-level developments in campaign finance By Azeezat Adeleke, Sunlight Foundation, July 28, 2016 – cross-posted from the Sunlight Foundation blog. The contents of this blog and the underlying research are the result of a partnership between Global Integrity and the Sunlight Foundation in relation to the State Integrity Investigation. This is the first post of a…

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Adaptive Learning

Politics matters, so what? Time for bigger bets (and more learning) on adaptive programming

  By Alan Hudson, Executive Director, Global Integrity, July 26, 2016 Politics matters. Context too. And blueprints have limited value. Our strategy is based on these insights, so we’re totally on board. A World Development Report (WDR) that puts power and politics center-stage, and that focuses more on function rather than form and best-fit rather than…

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