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Argentina’s New Dirty War

Eight ex-army officers were recently sentenced to life in prison for killing unarmed members of the Montoneros rebel group during Argentina’s Dirty War. A court in Chaco province concluded a nearly year long trial with convictions against Gustavo Athos, Horacio Losito, Luis Alberto Patetta, Aldo Martinez Segon, Jorge Daniel Carnero Sabol, Ricardo Guillermo Reyes, German…

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Judges Bribing Other Judges

A judge’s appointment in Albania can come with a price tag in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and this might not be the scariest part. In a judiciary where bargaining for favors among judges is part of the decision-making process, corruption no longer originates mainly from outside the system but also within its legal institutions.…

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New Data: Transparency and Accountability in Guatemala’s Justice System

(Thanks to guest blogger Renata Avila for this post) Transparency and anti-corruption safeguards in key institutions comprising the Guatemalan justice system – from the supreme court to prosecutor general to the country’s criminal forensic labs – are highly inefficient, ineffective, and lacking both material and human resources to fill their mandate, according to a new…

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Villa-Gate: How Poor Governance Threatens National Security

As new details emerge daily about how the world’s most wanted terrorist was able to live in a mansion in close proximity to the Pakistani Military Academy, an unavoidable question remains to be fully answered: how exactly did he go unnoticed for so long? Under mounting international pressure, the Pakistani government has finally begun an…

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Win a Free Global Integrity Dialogue Workshop

As part of Global Integrity’s effort to promote concrete policy dialogue around the findings from the recently released Global Integrity Report: 2010, Global Integrity is offering interested governments the opportunity to host a Global Integrity Dialogue Workshop in their country at no cost. We are seeking partners in government who are interested in engaging in…

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