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Help Wanted: Spring Research Associates

Global Integrity is looking for a few overworked and underpaid spring research associates to join our team. In grad school in the DC area and interested in working with us part-time? Then keep reading for more details and contact information. Who is the ideal “research associate?” Here are a few qualifying characteristics: In graduate school…

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Help Wanted: US Statehouse Reporters

Attention US journalists: want to help expose corruption and governance challenges in your state? Interested in working with a trio of organizations committed to promoting transparency and accountability around the world and here at home? Then you should apply to work as a contributor to the State Accountability Project being launched by Global Integrity, the…

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Help Wanted: Web Design

Global Integrity is looking for a Drupal shop to help us migrate our existing website(s) to a more flexible CMS environment. Interested or know someone who is? Read on… Global Integrity site migration: Request for proposals Global Integrity, a nonprofit organization, is looking for a Washington, DC area or Chicago based contractor to support the…

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USAID’s NGO Sustainbility Index: Adventures in Methodology

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) recently released its first-ever “NGO Sustainability Index” for sub-Saharan Africa. While the research that went into the index shines some useful light on the operating environment facing non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Africa, the index is unfortunately even more useful as an example of how not to build an…

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Global Integrity Statement on Wikileaks Release of Classified Cables

Like many other non-governmental organizations, media, governments, and citizens, we’ve followed the initial release of classified State Department cables by Wikileaks with interest. As further details emerge, Global Integrity Report assessments of the national anti-corruption systems of the countries mentioned in these cables may be of interest. Those assessments can be accessed at —…

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