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Why We Killed the Global Integrity Index

Astute followers of Global Integrity and our annual Global Integrity Report will notice something different in this year’s Report: there’s no Global Integrity Index ranking countries by their overall scores. It took two years of internal discussion, including at the board level, to decide to kill the Index. Here’s the reason for the change. First,…

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Press Call Happening Now

Image: Jonathan Rashad (cc/by) UPDATE: The Global Integrity Report 2010 is now available online.  Good news, Global Integrity groupies — the Global Integrity Report: 2010 is less than two weeks away from being published. Want to be on the call to hear the headlines as they break? Full details are below for our conference call…

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The World Bank Gets Political: Our Take

Disclosure: The World Bank is a funder of Global Integrity. Details below post. Last week, World Bank President Robert Zoellick gave a major policy address suggesting the World Bank embrace more political (as opposed to strictly economic) reforms in countries in order to stimulate governance reforms and, ultimately, encourage poverty reduction and growth. This past…

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Global Integrity Dialogue workshop: Slovakia 2011

I was in Bratislava earlier this month helping to organize a Dialogue workshop to discuss and debate the results of our first-ever national assessment of the Slovak Republic. The data and reporting we published for Slovakia in 2009 painted a mixed picture. As we reported: Slovakia poses a conundrum. Although the former communist country is…

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The big loser in the eyes of the Egyptian protestors: the US

A Global Integrity reporter in Cairo, Mervat Diab, shares the views of the protestors about the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis. By Mervat DiabEgyptian lawyer Issam Sultan has formally asked the prosecutor’s office to investigate the use of three US embassy vans in the crackdown that took place late last month against Egyptian protesters.…

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Regime Change Is Not an Anti-Corruption Panacea

With all of the craziness coming out of Egypt and Tunisia in the past few weeks, a recurring theme in much of the media coverage (at least in the West) has been that “the people” are fed up with corruption, and that frustration is fueling much of the outrage behind the protests. Ben Ali’s exile…

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