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The big loser in the eyes of the Egyptian protestors: the US

A Global Integrity reporter in Cairo, Mervat Diab, shares the views of the protestors about the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis. By Mervat DiabEgyptian lawyer Issam Sultan has formally asked the prosecutor’s office to investigate the use of three US embassy vans in the crackdown that took place late last month against Egyptian protesters.…

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Regime Change Is Not an Anti-Corruption Panacea

With all of the craziness coming out of Egypt and Tunisia in the past few weeks, a recurring theme in much of the media coverage (at least in the West) has been that “the people” are fed up with corruption, and that frustration is fueling much of the outrage behind the protests. Ben Ali’s exile…

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The View From Cairo

The first message began like dystopian science fiction: “We have a short time on the net. Therefore I am writing to you to pass our pleas…” Field reports from Cairo, in the form of messages via our Indaba fieldwork platform to Hazel Feigenblatt, our Media Projects Director, working with the Global Integrity Report team. The…

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Help Wanted: Spring Research Associates

Global Integrity is looking for a few overworked and underpaid spring research associates to join our team. In grad school in the DC area and interested in working with us part-time? Then keep reading for more details and contact information. Who is the ideal “research associate?” Here are a few qualifying characteristics: In graduate school…

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Help Wanted: US Statehouse Reporters

Attention US journalists: want to help expose corruption and governance challenges in your state? Interested in working with a trio of organizations committed to promoting transparency and accountability around the world and here at home? Then you should apply to work as a contributor to the State Accountability Project being launched by Global Integrity, the…

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