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TI’s Index: Local Chapter Not Having It

Transparency International Bangladesh takes issue with TI’s own index, pointing out that “gains” in Bangladesh’s performance being reported by the media are in fact quirks of methodology, not actual results. After this coverage declaring “Bangladesh gains 3 places in CPI 2008” the local TI chapter fired off a response, pointing out that methodology and new…

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TI Releases Corruption Perceptions Index 2008

Transparency International’s annual index of third-party corruption survey data is released today. We discuss this Index and its critics at length in our recently published A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption. Via email: From: Conrad ZellmannSubject: Release: TI Corruption Perceptions Index 2008 Dear Friends, I am writing to let you know that Transparency International has…

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Do Corruption Indices Measure Corruption?

We did a lot of reading during the lit review for our recent book, A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption, but there’s plenty of related work that we didn’t cite in that book. This 2007 paper, by Dilyan Donchev and Gergely Ujhelyi, tackles a central issue of our field head on. Download the paper:Do Corruption…

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Latvia: A Potential Leader in Lobbying Reform?

Nathaniel Heller concludes his European trip with a roundtable discussion of lobbying in Latvia, part of the Global Integrity Dialogues series. This is what we learned. On Tuesday, September 16, our friends at Providus again helpfully pulled together a roundtable discussion, this time on lobbying in Latvia and the impact of lobbying on the country’s…

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South Africa: Courts Decide Fate of Jacob Zuma

Corruption charges against ANC party leader Jacob Zuma are dismissed in a court hearing as politically motivated prosecutions. Global Integrity’s International Director, Marianne Camerer, writes from Durban, South Africa: “I watched the whole judgment live on ETV. It was a victory for judicial independence and integrity — even if it had nothing to do with…

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Talking Corruption in Latvia

Global Integrity’s managing director visits Riga, Latvia to meet with local anti-corruption officials, MPs, activists and (most intimidating of all) high-school students. Today began the first discussions in what will be a two-day Global Integrity Dialogue event in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Unlike previous Dialogue events, which have typically been single-day workshops for a…

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