TI’s Index: Local Chapter Not Having It

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Transparency International Bangladesh takes issue with TI’s own index, pointing out that “gains” in Bangladesh’s performance being reported by the media are in fact quirks of methodology, not actual results.

After this coverage declaring “Bangladesh gains 3 places in CPI 2008” the local TI chapter fired off a response, pointing out that methodology and new data sources account for the change, and that year to year comparisons are invalid in TI’s third party data poll-of-polls format.

The rebuttal was carried by local BDnews24.com.


TIB’s board of trustees chairman Muzaffer Ahmed said: “This is not a significant change in terms of statistics. With an increase in the amount of the data or sources surveyed, the score also increases.”

“Previously, the position of Bangladesh was identified on the basis of three data sources. This time data has been compiled from seven different sources. This does not help to understand whether the situation is changing or not,” he said.

“There are questions about index every year, as this year. In the past, Nigeria was almost in the same position with Bangladesh. There was sufficient graft in Nigeria last year, but this year it went down 121st position. We don’t have any explanation of it.”

Full story:
TIB not impressed by new CPI placing

–Jonathan Werve

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Global Integrity

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