Five Stars for Transparency!

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By Alan Hudson — December 3, 2014.

We’re delighted to be able to share the news that Global Integrity has just been awarded a five-star rating by Transparify, joining organizations such as the Center for Global Development, and the World Resources Institute at the top of the ranking.

As Transparify’s note on methodology makes clear, the five-star rating means that we make information about what funding we get, from whom, to do what, easily available here on our website.

This won’t change the world. And we can certainly do more – check out our friends at Accountability Lab for a radical approach to transparency! (Meta-transparency: I’m on their Board). But it’s an important step, particularly for organizations that are working to promote principles of open, transparent, participatory and accountable governance.

By putting our principles into practice, we’re demonstrating that we’re serious about openness and transparency. And we’re making it easier for our partners, funders, supporters and critics to follow the money that flows to Global Integrity.

We’re happy to have achieved the five-star rating and look forward to sharing the space at the top of the podium with many more organizations in the months and years to come. If nonprofits are to be trusted, they need to be transparent, not least about their funding.

Big shout out to our new Operations Director, Katherine Gatewood, for making this happen!

Alan Hudson
Executive Director

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