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The Global Integrity Core Themes

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Integrity and

Practical evidence, real-time learning, and project implementation

Our work in this thematic area generates practical evidence about approaches to address corruption, deploys that evidence to inform policy discussions, and supports partners’ efforts to leverage real-time learning in the implementation of projects.

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Integrity and Anti-Corruption Projects

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Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence (GI-ACE) Research Program

GI-ACE supports fifteen research projects worldwide to generate actionable and context-specific evidence intended to aid practitioners in designing and implementing more effective anti-corruption policies.


Africa Integrity Indicators

The Africa Integrity Indicators (AII) is a research project assessing key transparency, accountability, and social development indicators across all 54 African countries.


Building Bridges for Stronger Systems

Increase collaboration of civil society organizations in Serbia, Ghana, and Bosnia & Herzegovina based on their local priorities in fighting corruption in the health sector. Particularly looking into how to deepen their learning around procurement during emergencies and how to better address its challenges.

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Public Resource

Open data tools, innovative civic tech, and following the money

Our work in this thematic area aims to improve public resource use through open data approaches and partner-driven accountability initiatives – such as practical open data tools, COVID-19 fund trackers, and technology-driven citizen engagement – to generate evidence, enable learning, and address policy implementation gaps.

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Public Resource Use Projects

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Data for Accountability, Colombia and Nigeria (TAI Learning Partner)

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative and local partners in Colombia and Nigeria explore how best donors and country-level organizations can support efforts to use data to enhance accountability.


Covid Transparency and Accountability Project (CTAP)

CTAP promotes accountability and transparency of COVID-19 intervention funds, advocating for open governance and ensuring that targeted governments make public all donations and funds received for the fight against COVID-19 across seven African Countries.


Evaluation of Financial Transparency Investments in Nigeria

We reviewed the evolution of Nigeria’s Financial Transparency ecosystem to understand the changes that Luminate’s work has contributed to, and the remaining challenges and opportunities for increasing the impact of Luminate and their partners around financial transparency and accountability in Nigeria.

service delivery


Systemic challenges, adaptive solutions, collaborative action

Our work in this thematic area entails partnering with civil society organizations, mainly in Africa and Asia, that are trying to address complex and systemic challenges related to the delivery of public services – we support their efforts to work adaptively and strengthen the systems that they are a part of through collaborative action and learning.

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Service Delivery Projects

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Education Out Loud: Addressing the Learning Crisis through Systems Strengthening

In close alliance with six partner organizations, this project aims to address inequitable learning outcomes through system strengthening across four countries in Southern Africa.


Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA) Project Evaluations

Global Integrity has partnered with Global Partnership of Social Accountability (GPSA) for the implementation of an evaluation and learning process for four GPSA projects.


Using Participatory Approaches for Health Systems Strengthening

This project aims to support the efforts of our partner organizations to address health service delivery challenges by designing and testing a participatory system thinking approach.

service delivery

Open Gov

A dynamic meeting place, collaborative open gov community, collective social impact

Our work in this thematic area centers on operating a dynamic meeting place in Washington, D.C. with 60+ member organizations and 13 Global Affiliate hubs to grow a collaborative community, increase collective social impact, and advance the open gov values of transparency, accountability, and civic participation.

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Open Gov Hub Projects

open gov hub

Open Gov Hub

The Open Gov Hub is a dynamic meeting place that brings together resources and organizations with a common mission: to help open up governments to work better for their people, and empower citizens around the world.

affiliate hubs

Global Affiliate Hubs

This program of Open Gov Hub coaches and connects 13 like-minded civic innovation hubs on 5 continents worldwide. It offers networking, collaboration, capacity building, and two-way learning opportunities to and with our partners.