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OGH aims to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of open government advocates through resource sharing and collaboration. The OGH network is based on the 3 shared values of open government: to bring about more transparency, accountability and civic participation in governance and public life.


  • To help members be more efficient, we provide a world-class coworking space, plus shared backoffice services (especially with IT, event planning, communications and hiring), and now also a suite of virtual benefits to help mission-aligned organizations work together and be effective in the new world of hybrid work (from shared softwares and subscriptions to short term staffing support, joint vendors and more).
  • To help members be more effective, we foster an environment where on any given day, you can learn something new and meet someone new who might be able to support you and your organization.
  • Members tell us that being part of the Hub supports their organizational efficiency, plus staff professional development and well-being. We retained 100% of members through year 1 of the pandemic, and 95% now 2 years later.
  • Key topics of ongoing collaboration include Defending Democracy and optimizing hybrid work
  • Annual Year in Review


60+ member organizations; 13 Global Affiliate Hubs; periodic institutional partners (example: Columbia University; Esri; StoryCorps);
OGH is operated by Global Integrity, in partnership with Development Gateway

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