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Design Workshop Consultant


Global Integrity is seeking a consultant or consultancy team to facilitate a participatory design workshop to help us achieve the following objectives:

  • Sharpen our value proposition around meeting the needs of frontline actors and more global players, in line with our current vision and strategy.
  • Review and revamp our service offering so that it communicates more clearly the ways in which we can meet the needs of our partners.
  • Improve our ability to communicate about what we do, why we do it, how we meet our partners’ needs, and what difference that makes.

For GI, success by the end of the engagement with the consultant or consultancy team would look like this; we are well-positioned to communicate clearly and confidently about the value we add through our engagement with partners – specifically through the services that we provide – and to differentiate ourselves from other organizations seeking to address governance-related challenges. Achieving these objectives will position GI to make progress on other organizational development priorities including communications and fundraising.


Overview and background

At GI, learning is at the center of the work that we do and how we operate as an organization. The way we see it, learning is the process of not just acquiring new information about something and translating it into what we typically call “actionable insights”, but it also involves going beyond that, integrating that knowledge into our current practice, and doing something new or better. Under this belief, in late 2021 and early 2022, we conducted a series of evaluation and research exercises to better understand how our partners perceive the work that we do and the difference that we make.

As a result of that exercise we learned that:

  • Partners value our work promoting adaptive learning in the governance, open data, and anti-corruption space.  87% of GI’s partners reported high levels of satisfaction with their engagement with us.
  • Partners are enhancing their capacity to deliver their missions by strengthening their learning skills and networks. 100% of our partners reported positive changes related to learning, boosting collaborative relationships, and improving their organizations when asked to describe the most significant change that they have experienced because of their partnership with us. 
  • We also learned that we have room to grow. Our partners told us that we need to get better at localizing our work both in terms of context and sector (27%). We also heard that we need to share information about the specific services that we provide and the difference that it makes in a clearer and more consolidated way (23%). 

In response to this feedback, and in order to adapt to evolving dynamics of the development sector, we are currently on a journey to sharpen our value proposition and ensure that the services that we provide meet our partners’ needs. This journey has involved taking the time to further understand our partners’ needs, and our next step is to ensure that the services we provide are designed to meet those needs,  and to improve how we communicate about the services we provide in our engagement with partners, and the difference that such engagement makes.

Expected activities and outputs

  • Design, facilitate and systematize a participatory design workshop. Meeting our partners’ needs is at the center of the work that we do, so we are looking for a user-centered design approach to guide this workshop. This workshop could take place over the course of several consecutive (or otherwise tightly sequenced) meetings in order to capture as much of the collective knowledge and intelligence of the team as possible. This process could be either fully virtual or hybrid (some staff in person, some staff virtually) and could also be extended to include GI board members who might wish to participate to make this a process that is inclusive of all key stakeholders. The total number of meetings will be defined by the consultant or consultancy team methodology, in agreement with the GI team. 
  • Generate and socialize communication products. Once the design workshop has been completed, the consultant or consultancy team will be responsible for generating clear recommendations to the GI team around how to group and better communicate our services, outcomes, and value proposition, summarized in a set of core messaging products that will be presented to the team. These outputs will be a core component to guide our fundraising efforts. 

Projected timeline

GI is operating under a tight timeline. Our ambitious goal is to launch our new fundraising efforts by no later than July 1st, 2022, so we are hoping to start the process as soon as possible and conclude it by late June. But we are happy to negotiate these dates for the right candidate. 


GI is looking for a dynamic consultant or consultancy team that:

  • Has knowledge and proven experience facilitating design workshops deploying design thinking or user centered design approaches.
  • Proven experience of effective engagement with other INGOs on similar initiatives. 
  • Is a skilled facilitator capable of creating a safe and agile space where everyone has the opportunity to participate, addressing power dynamics and acknowledging and honoring individual differences for engagement. Visual facilitation skills are a plus. 
  • Has high communications and development skills, to help GI communicate our work in a more compelling way.
  • Has the availability and capacity to work under tight deadlines.
  • Experience working with organizations in the governance and public service delivery spaces is a plus.
  • This workshop could take place over the course of several consecutive (or otherwise tightly sequenced) meetings in order to capture as much of the collective knowledge and intelligence of the team as possible. This process could be either fully virtual or hybrid (some staff in person, some staff virtually) and could also be extended to include GI board members who might wish to participate to make this a process that is inclusive of all key stakeholders. The total number of meetings will be defined by the consultant or consultancy team methodology, in agreement with the GI team. 


The total budget available for this consultancy is $10.000 USD. All the costs associated with the

implementation of the activities described here, such as travel, materials, insurance… should be included in the financial project proposal. The disbursement schedule will be negotiated with the selected consultant or consultancy team.

How to apply 

Please submit the following documents to Raquel Rubio at [email protected]

  • Your Curriculum vitae
  • A document explaining your initial proposal on what working with you would look like and what approach and methodology you would take for this work, as well as your projected budget (no more than 3 pages). 
  • Samples from relevant work, specifically samples of communications products. 


Find the full consultancy description here.

Operations Associate

Global Integrity is seeking a flexible, fast-learning, detail-oriented self-starter for a full-time role as Operations Associate to provide critical administrative support to an amazing network of nonprofits located at the Open Gov Hub.

About this Opportunity

Our ideal candidate will be an outstanding Receptionist/Administrator/Operations Assistant who genuinely enjoys ensuring things run smoothly behind the scenes. This is a good fit for you if you: love to interact with many different people; roll up your sleeves and tackle new challenges and opportunities on a daily basis; anticipate problems and create solutions; and you have a keen attention to detail.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone early in their nonprofit career, or for a more seasoned nonprofit operations assistant/administrator looking to enhance the impact of their work on mission-driven organizations.
The associate in this role will join as a full-time employee of the Global Integrity team. Global Integrity is headquartered at the Open Gov Hub in Washington, D.C. with 15 full time staff and a $3.5 million annual budget.

About the Organization 
The Open Gov Hub is a unique, dynamic meeting place in Washington, D.C. that brings together over 50 organizations (about 300 people) with a common mission to help open up governments to better serve their people, and empower citizens around the world. Founded in 2012 as the world’s first innovation hub focused on the theme of open government (i.e. promoting transparency, accountability, and civic participation), OGH provides its members with essential shared resources – including a world-class, 20,000 square foot coworking space and professional support services – and organizes near-daily events and programs. OGH helps its member organizations (mostly nonprofits/NGOs) learn  and work together for greater collective social impact. The Open Gov Hub runs as a nonprofit social enterprise, primarily funded by our co-working membership fees and operated by Global Integrity, in partnership with Development Gateway.

Core Responsibilities


Under supervision of the Operations Manager:

  • Reception management: be a consistent, friendly, helpful and well-organized face of the Open Gov Hub as front desk associate, supporting members and visitors daily
  • Complete daily, weekly, and monthly routine office management checklists
  • Respond to all general inquiries (phone, email)
  • Mail and package management, including virtual mailbox members
  • Manage, stock and order office supplies daily, as needed, and within budget
  • Assist the on and offboarding processes for members
  • Troubleshoot questions and challenges with members
  • Help facilitate introductions between members in the Hub network
  • Assist Operations Manager with periodic Facility and Operations reviews

With the support of Managing Director, Finance & Operations:

  • Process financial data for each monthly close to send to the accountant including payroll, banking, and credit card transactions.

  • Maintain information in third party systems as current (e.g. payroll, benefits, etc.)

  • Prepare invoices for review and payment approval using AP/AR software (

  • Prepare wire transfers and foreign exchange transfers for internal review and payment approval using bank and foreign exchange service platforms.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to invoicing and payments.

  • Maintain all appropriate documentation for accounting and auditing purposes.

  • Help organize and manage filing and information systems to continually streamline and improve knowledge management practices.

  • Prepare contracts with vendors using established templates for review and approval and coordinate signing using HelloSign.

  • Assist the Managing Director with special projects as needed and as time permits.

Events Coordination and Logistics

  • Fulfill requests for event planning support and logistics as needed (ex: catering, etc)
  • Assist with setup and breakdown of event and meeting space rental requests

These are the combined core responsibilities of this role – supporting both the Open Gov Hub and other programs at Global Integrity. We expect that this person will split their time about 50/50 between the Hub and other Global Integrity programs. As such, this position will report to the Open Gov Hub Operations and Facility Manager with the support of Global Integrity’s Managing Director of Finance & Operations.

Communications Support

  • Help design, collect content, and send Weekly Email Digest (top communication source with Hub members)
  • Update Open Gov Hub’s social media accounts
  • Create registration pages, promotional content for events, and manage RSVPs
  • Support Global Integrity’s Communications team to implement periodic communications campaigns – ie: marketing for OGH membership and space rentals
  • Suggest creative campaigns and content; develop content featuring Members’ work

Required Qualifications:

  • 1-2 years relevant experience; 2-4+ years for Associate level. Degree preferred

  • Process oriented; strong attention to detail; exceptionally organized

  • Comfortable learning and troubleshooting new and basic technology

  • Strength in repeatedly executing/ reviewing processes & writing communications (ex: drafting marketing/promotional content for events; entering financial data, etc)

  • Able to stay calm under competing/changing priorities and deadlines

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills (ex: drafting persuasive, exciting event descriptions, and conversing with a wide variety of members and visitors)

  • Eager to contribute to a nonprofit/mission-driven organization and network

  • Familiar with communications & social media tools (Eventbrite, Canva, Twitter, etc)

  • Excellent “customer service” skills

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Any background in office management/administration; marketing; sales; and/or financial management
  • Previous experience working in a nonprofit and/or coworking space

Salary and Benefits


The budgeted salary for this position is $48,000 – $54,000. This position includes a competitive benefits package, with high-quality health, dental, and vision policies, as well as a modest life insurance policy. The organization currently pays 100% of the premiums associated with those benefits. Generous holidays and sick time are also provided. The organization also contributes to employees’ retirement accounts and provides a transit benefit and professional development stipend. There are also frequent opportunities for professional development and networking through Open Gov Hub’s programs.



Please complete the application here.


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