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Global Integrity’s role in the CTAP project is focused on supporting project implementation and facilitating learning and adaptation with nine African CSO partners. We distilled lessons and insights from CTAP Phase 1 to guide the design and implementation of CTAP Phase 2 that is currently underway. The overall lessons from this project are useful to TAP and AC reformers in other contexts. Learn more about CTAP here:


The overall goal of the project is to promote accountability and transparency on Covid 19 allocations by:

  • Developing a website for curating and sharing relevant data on all the COVID-19 donations and payments across all 54 countries in Africa.
  • Initiating country level advocacy for for transparency and accountability of COVID-19 funding mainly through research, coalition building and using social media and radio communications campaign.
  • Help CTAP partners reflect and adapt the pan African goals of the CTAP project to their country contexts.
  • Strengthen local TAP strategies by facilitating peer learning, networking and exchanging of ideas around COVID-19 transparency efforts through engaging events.


Follow the Money partners in 3 African countries and BudgIT offices in other 3 countries.

Countries Involved

  • Cameroon flagCameroon
  • Ghana flagGhana
  • Kenya flagKenya
  • Liberia flagLiberia
  • malawi flagMalawi
  • Nigeria flagNigeria
  • sierra leone flagSierra Leone

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