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Our goal is to develop and implement a flexible, rigorous and tailored MERL plan for each project that will both secure the information needed to answer GPSA’s evaluation questions, spark learning and actionable insights and build relevant evaluation capacity amongst participating stakeholders.

The GPSA funded projects that Global Integrity is evaluating are:


Evaluation and learning are powerful tools to address complex challenges as they are a way to gather information about how the context is changing and to what extent the approach being taken is working or not. As GPSA’s evaluation and learning partner, we are implementing a Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and Learning (MERL) framework for each individual project to:

  • Answer GPSA’s key evaluation questions prioritizing conducting a causal analysis to establish the links between medium and long term results, and GPSA Theory of Action
  • Generate learning and knowledge about what has been achieved
  • Generate relevant information to strengthen GPSA’s MERL approach and systems
  • Build evaluation and learning capacity amongst participating stakeholders


Countries Involved

  • Tajikistan flagTajikistan
  • Mongolia flagMongolia
  • Jordan flagJordan

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