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TI Releases Corruption Perceptions Index 2008

Transparency International’s annual index of third-party corruption survey data is released today. We discuss this Index and its critics at length in our recently published A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption. Via email: From: Conrad ZellmannSubject: Release: TI Corruption Perceptions Index 2008 Dear Friends, I am writing to let you know that Transparency International has…

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Do Corruption Indices Measure Corruption?

We did a lot of reading during the lit review for our recent book, A Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption, but there’s plenty of related work that we didn’t cite in that book. This 2007 paper, by Dilyan Donchev and Gergely Ujhelyi, tackles a central issue of our field head on. Download the paper:Do Corruption…

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Latvia: A Potential Leader in Lobbying Reform?

Nathaniel Heller concludes his European trip with a roundtable discussion of lobbying in Latvia, part of the Global Integrity Dialogues series. This is what we learned. On Tuesday, September 16, our friends at Providus again helpfully pulled together a roundtable discussion, this time on lobbying in Latvia and the impact of lobbying on the country’s…

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South Africa: Courts Decide Fate of Jacob Zuma

Corruption charges against ANC party leader Jacob Zuma are dismissed in a court hearing as politically motivated prosecutions. Global Integrity’s International Director, Marianne Camerer, writes from Durban, South Africa: “I watched the whole judgment live on ETV. It was a victory for judicial independence and integrity — even if it had nothing to do with…

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Talking Corruption in Latvia

Global Integrity’s managing director visits Riga, Latvia to meet with local anti-corruption officials, MPs, activists and (most intimidating of all) high-school students. Today began the first discussions in what will be a two-day Global Integrity Dialogue event in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Unlike previous Dialogue events, which have typically been single-day workshops for a…

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U.S., Europe Get Tough on Overseas Bribery

Better cooperation between countries is fueling a surge in prosecutions for corruption conducted overseas. Laws banning corruption overseas have been around in the West for a couple decades (the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act passed in 1977). Currently, a ban on bribing governments overseas is a solid international norm — the Global Integrity Report has…

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