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Russian Human Rights Lawyer Poisoned

Novaya Gazeta reports that Karinna Moskalenko, a lawyer representing the family of a murdered Russian journalist, has mercury poisoning. Mercury has been found in Moskalenko’s car; husband and children are also sick; police are investigating. The following is a World Movement for Democracy email alert: DemocracyAlert: Russian Human Rights Lawyer Karinna Moskalenko Poisoned According to…

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2008 Legatum Prosperity Index

Disclosure: Legatum is a funder of Global Integrity. The Legatum Institute launches its second annual Prosperity Index, a sweeping aggregation of data on what makes a country successful, including both material wealth and life satisfaction. Legatum describes it thus: Q: What is the Legatum Prosperity Index?A: The Prosperity Index is an inquiry into the nature…

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South Africa: The Rusty Padlock Award, Which You Really Don’t Want

Our friends at ODAC in South Africa have coined a delightful new “award” for institutional stubbornness and opacity. Bophirima District Municipality has today won the Rusty Padlock Award for being the most unresponsive, secretive, chronically non-compliant public institution in South Africa. ODAC also runs a rather less cynical Golden Key Award, which celebrates open and…

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USA: Motherload of Election & Voting Research

Our friends at IssueLab have a round-up of public interest research on US voting and elections that provides a refreshingly substantive break from the faux empiricism of daily tracking polls and instant pundit scorecards. IssueLab’s key findings: Racial disparities in the criminal justice system translate into higher rates of disenfranchisement in communities of color, resulting…

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IREX Media Sustainabilty Index for 2008

Norah Mallaney reports from the launch of the IREX Media Sustainability Index, which examines the working conditions for independent media worldwide. Today, the Center for International Media Assistance hosted an event to publicize the release of the International Resource and Exchanges Board’s (IREX) Media Sustainability Index (MSI). This report “provides in-depth analyses of the conditions…

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