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China Is Shaken, But Sadly Unchanged

Earlier this week, the Chinese government ended earthquake-relief efforts in Sichuan province, withdrawing troops and transitioning from disaster relief to reconstruction. As they rebuild, critical issues of corruption and lax building codes may remain unaddressed. It seems clear that corruption and poor governance in China contributed to the impact of the May 2008 Sichuan earthquake.…

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World Bank Draws Fire for New Loans

Disclosure — The World Bank is a funder of Global Integrity. The Wall Street Journal editorial board rips into the World Bank for giving US$640 million in few-strings-attached loans to Bangladesh and Vietnam, despite their abysmal records on corruption — a fact noted by the Banks’s own research. Wall Street Journal: Since May, Bangladesh’s military-backed…

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Uganda: A Press Under Pressure

During our Global Integrity Dialogue event in Kampala this past May, we met a number of local Ugandan journalists from the leading papers. As part of an ongoing conversation about the prospects and challenges for governance reform in Uganda, we asked our colleague Charles Muzale to describe the challenges facing journalists in Uganda. Among the…

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Bulgaria: EU Shuts The Purse Until Corruption Is Fixed

The Economist highlights impending European Union sanctions aimed at corrupt politicians in Bulgaria, with 1 billion euro (US$1.6 billion) in aid at stake. While this certainly seems like a bad news day for Bulgaria, the tough medicine being imposed by the EU is a pretty strong signal that corruption in Bulgaria is being challenged. This…

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Global Integrity Report 2008 Countries Announced

We’re pleased to announce the short list for the Global Integrity Report: 2008, including 16 countries never previously assessed by Global Integrity. The countries comprising the Global Integrity Report: 2008 will be drawn from this list, with fieldwork beginning this month. This list was compiled after careful thought and debate in the Global Integrity office…

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Talking Corruption in Papua New Guinea

Last month, Global Integrity’s Raymond June & Jonathan Werve visited Papua New Guinea (PNG), where we talked with our local research team, as well grassroots advocates, journalists, government officials and academics about the dire state of governance in PNG. In the process, they identified several areas that urgently need to be addressed. This is what…

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