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Dragons in Africa: Handle with Care

You’ve got turmoil on your borders, and a container ship full of arms offshore ready to fan the flames. What do you do? If you’re South African, you organize, and win. Another post from our China/Africa series: Nicole Fritz reports how a Chinese ship unwillingly became a catalyst for organizing civil society across the Southern…

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Dragons in Africa: Fresh Discussion of Chinese Development Aid

China’s presence in Africa has been discussed widely (including on this blog but also here here here here) but the conversation is just getting started. Last week, USAID hosted a presentation as part of their summer series discussing the issue, with participants adding new insights to the debate that are worth a second glance. From…

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We’re Hiring: VP Business Development, Foglamp

Global Integrity is growing and looking for some new, smart colleagues to join our team. Think you’ve got what it takes? Details below. Dear readers: your assistance in posting this notice to relevant social networks, email lists and blogs is a quick but high impact way to support our work. Thank you, as always, for…

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Reactions: Obama’s Call for Good Governance in Africa

US President Barack Obama’s assertion that “Africa’s future is up to Africans” seemed to be last week’s quote of the week. This statement (from Obama’s July 11th address to the Ghanaian Parliament) bounced through news cycles around the world. Obama’s speech on the role of international aid in Africa has been sliced and dissected to…

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