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Mexican Journalists Respond to “Narco-Censorship” and Citizen Journalism (Part 1 of 2)

Is citizen journalism a clever response to Mexican drug violence? Looking past the hype, our Mexican field staff isn’t convinced. “There is still a very desperate need for really trustworthy alternative [information] sources,” says one. Earlier this month, the Associated Press published a piece profiling Blog Del Narco, a news blog integrating crowd-sourcing principles to…

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Nigeria’s Dirty Stocks

Last week two senior ranking officials employed by Nigeria’s stock exchange were deposed by acting president Goodluck Jonathan as he moved to reform the nation’s messy financial sector. The exchange’s president, Mr Dangote, who is also one of Nigeria’s eminent oligarchs, was temporarily relieved of his duties by the Securities and Exchange Commission after a…

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The Doomed Track For Reform

Ghana, a prominent model for development for the African continent and the site of President Barack Obama’s speech on governance promotion in Africa, has been eclipsed by a surprising contender. Contrary to popular expectation, Uganda scores consistently higher than Ghana overall on the Global Integrity Report. What gives? As highlighted in the Global Integrity Report:…

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The Blackberry Controversy: Crackdown or Double Standards?

The recent crackdown on Blackberry’s instant messaging feature in the UAE does not come as a surprise to many. Amid growing tension, Research in Motion, the Canadian company that produces the Blackberry devices, rejected the government’s long-standing plea to decode the popular encrypted message service for authorities, and many features of Blackberries are now no…

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Beating the Labeling Problem, Redux. What Do You Think?

For those of you familiar with our Users’ Guide to Measuring Corruption, you may recall our reference to the “labeling problem” in the context of a broader discussion of the difficulties in creating data to measure issues such as corruption and governance given the lack of precision around what concepts are actually being measured (p.…

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