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Open data standards design behind closed doors?

In June 2020, we had the opportunity to join a discussion on open contracting and inclusion organised by HIVOS. Participants shared their thoughts on a newly published paper by Michael Canares and Francois van Schalkwyk that is part of a set of research papers supported by Hivos at the intersection of public procurement, inclusion and participation. ILDA have just published one article about inclusion in…

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GI-ACEIntegrity and Anti-Corruption

ACE: Exploring New Ways to develop effective anti-corruption interventions

The Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) program, funded with UK aid from the UK government in a £15 million investment from 2015–2021, is designed to produce new, relevant research evidence on tackling corruption. Despite decades of global anti-corruption initiatives, the track record of such efforts has been disappointing. It is now widely accepted that technocratic, ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches…

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Fiscal GovernanceIntegrity and Anti-CorruptionMulti Stakeholder Governance Initiatives (MSGIs)Open Data

Combatiendo la corrupción en comunidad: Aprendizajes desde la aplicación de normas globales en dinámicas gubernamentales

Originalmente publicado en Open Data Charter La pandemia de COVID-19 ha impactado sobre todo tipo de proyecto de desarrollo, cambiando prioridades, convirtiendo lo online en la nueva normalidad y obligándonos a todos a adaptarnos en nuestro trabajo y nuestras vidas. Los procesos y la comunidad de la Alianza para el Gobierno Abierto (OGP) no han…

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Fiscal GovernanceMulti Stakeholder Governance Initiatives (MSGIs)Open Data

Combating Corruption as a community: Lessons from applying global data norms to government dynamics

Originally published by Open Data Charter The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken things up for any type of development project, shifting priorities, making online the new normal, and forcing us all to be adaptive in our work and lives. The Open Government Partnership (OGP) processes and community have not been an exception. COVID-19 has meant that…

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