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Can Civil Society be “Made in Rwanda”?

Earlier this month, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) hosted an event to discuss Rwanda’s August presidential elections and the potential implications both nationally and on upcoming elections throughout the Great Lakes Region. Even before the floor was opened to participant questions, it became clear that those closely following Rwanda’s path to democracy are not interested…

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The “Wax and Gold” of Ethiopian Anti-Corruption Efforts

Thanks to Bill Easterly’s AidWatch blog, we just ran across this excellent piece in the New York Review of Books laying bare the challenges of promoting effective development programs (and by extension, governance reforms) in Ethiopia, despite the massive amount of foreign aid that has poured into the country in the past decades. The piece’s…

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Talking Corruption in Rwanda

On May 24 and 25 2010, Global Integrity co-hosted a Dialogue workshop in Kigali, Rwanda in conjunction with the Rwanda Governance Advisory Council (RGAC), a quasi-governmental think tank and research center. This two-day workshop was part of the Global Integrity Dialogues series, in-country events where Global Integrity convenes local stakeholders (including government officials, civil society…

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“Transparency, accountability, and participation are all incredibly stupid and ridiculously ineffective ways to run a government – but we chose them because democracies put people’s rights ahead of convenience or practicality.” …says anthropologist Alex Golub in this post discussing Papua New Guinea’s environmental decision making process. — Jonathan Eyler-Werve

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Romania Cannibalizes its Anti-Corruption Institutions

We don’t want to say we told you so. But we did. For the past few years, we’ve been repeatedly asked (with many a raised eyebrow) why our data assessing national-level anti-corruption mechanisms in countries like Bulgaria, Poland, Latvia, and Romania were so strong…amongst the strongest globally, in fact. Our answer has been straightforward: the…

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Dragons in Africa: Lessons Learned from Sino-Kenyan Relations

After spending time abroad in Kenya, former Global Integrity intern, Jessica Mahoney became interested in the impact of Sino-African relations on governance in Africa. Jessica explored this topic in her recently finalized thesis at Williams College. Using Kenya as a case-study, Jessica’s analysis rejects the typical narrative that Chinese investment only props up Africa’s most…

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