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Millennium Challenge Corp. cuts Philippines aid

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), an American government aid agency, has restricted aid flowing to the Philippines due to concerns about corruption. The MCC is setting aside a prior decision to promote the country from “Threshold” to “Compact” aid status, which would have secured significant funding for development projects. The decision appears largely based on…

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China: Big Stakes, Weak Safeguards, High Risks

China Up Close {Part One of Three}Read part two: The details.Read part three: Our conclusions.Based on data from the Global Integrity Report: China No foreign country holds more of its currency reserves in dollars and dollar-denominated financial instruments, such as U.S. Treasury bonds, than China. The country is the destination for massive and increasing investment…

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Clean Elections No Guarantee of Strong Democratic Society

New Report Assesses Anti-Corruption Mechanisms and Government Accountability in 55 Countries, Including First Investigation of China (Washington D.C.) – Although elections are often touted as the linchpin of governance reform efforts around the world, a new report finds long-term benefits offered by elections are often undermined by a lack of government accountability and the absence…

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Global Integrity Report: 2007

January 30, 2008, Washington D.C. — Global Integrity Report: 2007. Clean elections no guarantee of strong democratic society, global study finds. New report assesses anti-corruption mechanisms and government accountability in 55 countries, including first investigation of China. Click here to read The Global Integrity Report… Click here for Press Release – English (pdf)…Click here for…

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Washington Post: Suharto wasn’t THAT bad

The Washington Post publishes an op-ed by journalist Pranay Gupte claiming that recently deceased Indonesian dictator Suharto’s rule wasn’t all that bad — because he was ok with birth control, controlled population growth, and didn’t have to torture people to do it. Setting the bar pretty low, aren’t we? Gupte writes: I am not one…

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