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U.S. Congress steamrolls White House on earmarks

Here in the U.S. we’ve seen 7 years of radical expansion of executive branch power. The most frustrating aspect of this power-grab has been the near unanimous lack of opposition from Congress. With a few exceptions, the legislative branch has been unwilling to really push back against the Bush White House. Until today, when both…

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Nepal’s Media Freedoms: Lost in Transition?

Journalists in Nepal are currently under intense pressure, a distressing departure from the generally positive transition from absolute rule to democracy. King Gyanendra led a brutal campaign to censor the media after dismissing the elected government in February 2005. Weeks of public protest forced Gyanendra to abdicate in April 2006, leading to the reinstatement of…

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New Blog Design

With the help of some talented programmers who offer their work to the open-source community, as well as some good old fashioned poking-around-with-code, we have a new layout for the Commons. Not all features are up to speed yet, but the outline is here.

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The World’s Leading Think Tanks

Global Integrity collaborates with many of the world’s leading governance and corruption researchers at some of the top think tanks around the world. We were thrilled to hear that our friends at the Institute for Security Studies in South Africa were just named the top think tank in sub-Saharan Africa!

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